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52 Years (1963-2015)


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Established in 1963, Kradwell School is a private, nontraditional, nonsectarian fifth through twelfth grade Program. Kradwell School specializes in serving students who cannot succeed in the traditional school environment.

Success at Kradwell is generated by teachers and support staff whose goal is to develop an educational plan tailored to the learning and behavioral characteristics of each child.

Success is the Rule: A video Tour of Kradwell School

The 2009 graduation of 38 students was the largest in Kradwell’s history as well as the first to be professionally recorded. Speakers included Robert Blust, Former Dean of Undergraduate admissions, Marquette University, Anne Blust, 2005 Kradwell Graduate and 2009 Edgewood College Graduate,and Mark Bialzik, Principal, Kradwell School.
Grad 2011 Peg
The featured speakers at the 2011 graduation ceremony were Peggy Jordan Vitkus and her daughter Elizabeth Werner Kish. Peg joined the Kradwell School staff in 2005 as school secretary.
Grad 2011 Liz
Liz is a 2000 Kradwell graduate. She is married, attending nursing school and raising a son and daughter.

Individualized Instruction is the foundation of our academically focused education program. This method mandates a small teacher to student ratio, 1/5. Not only does this method allow students to progress at their own rate, it also eliminates the need for excessive homework. Students attend six classes for three hours in either the A.M or P.M. Progress reports and notes are available on-line.

Staff understands the learning and behavioral health issues presented by our students. These include Dyslexia, A.D.D., A.D.H.D, Anxiety Disorders, Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, P.S.T.D., O.C.D., Reactive Attachment Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. Though unsuccessful in the traditional school setting, many of our students function in the gifted and talented range.

Students who choose to attend our nontraditional school benefit from our highly structured, individualized plan for their academic, emotional and behavioral growth. Students are welcome to enroll throughout the school year.

Kradwell School is located on a historic 30-acre campus overlooking the Menomonee River and the "village" area of Wauwatosa. We are within two miles of both I-94 and WI 45 and within 2-3 blocks of the following bus routes: #31 State/Highland and #67 N. 76th/S. 84th buses.

Kradwell School
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