Our Program

Teaching students to think, learn, grow, and succeed

Kradwell offers students in grades 8 – 12 a chance to learn in a way that works best best for them, with tailored instruction, guidance, and support. Our program includes a full slate of academic subjects, from math and science to art, English, creative writing, and more. We don't just teach, we inspire curiosity — laying the framework for critical thinking, questioning, and problem-solving.

For some students, success means returning to a traditional school setting with more confidence and new skills. For others, it means graduating from Kradwell with a state-certified high school diploma, fully equipped to enter the workforce or continue their education at college or a vocational school.

Six Keys to Student Success

Small Class Size

A 6:1 student to teacher ratio maximizes personal interaction and makes sure every student's voice is heard with plenty of attention.

Open Communication

We value every voice and point-of-view. We encourage regular and consistent communication among students, staff, and parents.

Individualized Instruction

Each student learns at their own pace, with his/her own curriculum, based on their needs, abilities, strengths, and goals.


We encourage students to provide input and make choices on things like writing assignments, class projects, gym activities, and more. We also empower students to work through personal issues creatively.

Safe, comfortable, environment

Everyone at Kradwell respects and appreciates the uniqueness of each individual, empowering students to speak up and be themselves.

Life after high school

Kradwell is just one step in a long journey. We equip students to succeed beyond Kradwell, to start a career or go on to college.

“The small classes helped me the most, because we don't get a lecture from the teacher, and you don't have to worry about keeping pace with all the other students.
You're working at your own pace.”

— Kradwell Student

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Our school days are shorter and more focused than traditional schools.

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One-on-one Instruction Small class sizes help facilitate plenty of individualized attention for students at Kradwell.

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Setting the Pace Students at Kradwell are encouraged to learn at their own pace in an environment that works best for them.