Our Space

Kradwell provides a welcoming, friendly environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and inspired to learn and participate. Each classroom is unique to reflect the teacher's style, personality, and teaching approach.

Art Room Image

Art Room Creating artwork is just one way Kradwell students are encouraged to express themselves.

Gymnasium Image

Gymnasium Healthy exercise is included as part of the Kradwell curriculum.

Math Class Image

Math Class Each classroom reflects the personal style and educational approach of the teacher.

“We walked through the school and I loved it. I told my mom right after the tour, 'This is what we have to do. I have to come here.'”

— Kradwell Student

Hallway Image

Hallway The Kradwell walls are filled with academic inspiration and creative expression.

Garden Image

Garden A place to get back to nature, work with your hands, and enjoy the fresh air.

Sidewalk Image

Sidewalk Outside our walls, student-made “Peace Poles” create a welcoming environment.

English Class Image

English Class The home of great literature, from the classics to today's important voices.

Science Class Image

Science Class Hands on learning and experimentation are keys to better scientific understanding.