As a private school, Kradwell awards grades that are equivalent to those of a conventional school. Grades and credits go onto an official high school transcript that can be used to apply for admission to traditional colleges, universities, technical schools, or vocational schools.

  • Student progress can be viewed online at anytime during the school year.
  • Failure grades are removed from a student’s transcript for courses retaken and passed at Kradwell.
  • Upon completion of enrollment, the student’s transcripts, academic-testing results, progress reports, and any other pertinent educational information are forwarded wherever the student may be headed next.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, fall 2019 new enrollees and anyone enrolling after fall of 2019, must earn at least 23 credits.

  • Math — 3 credits
  • Science — 3 credits
  • English — 4 credits
  • Social Studies — 3 credits and the state civics requirement
  • Physical Education / Health — 2 credits
  • Electives — 7 credits
Learning Image

“I have seen him change so much for the better this school year. We are so proud of him! It is wonderful to see him actually engaged with school and to finally have a report card with A's & B's instead of D's and F's.”
— Parent of a Kradwell Student